What did you miss from our last seminar?

What did you miss from our last seminar?

On March 28, 2018, the first seminar of the InfoSec Toronto quarterly seminar series was a great success. With this being our first seminar of the 4 seminars for the year gave us a barometer on what our attendees were looking for and what our future seminars will contain. As a quick run down, here is what you missed:

Toronto Police Services (TPS) was represented by Alpha Chan, who is a detective in the Toronto Police Intelligence Division – Computer Cyber Crime Unit. He spoke about the Toronto Police’s ability to help respond to security issues faced by corporations before and after an incident. One of the main messages that the Toronto Police wanted to convey is the fact that they will not take your servers and computers away to perform an investigation. They understand the value of your time and data. Attribution of an event to TPS is just as valuable so that they can further investigate and or use the data for any potentially related security incidents.

Message: Call the Toronto Police. They can help.

The next speaker was Jason Marilla from Axiom IT Consulting Canada who spoke about “threat hunting” on corporate networks. The core message is that conventional solutions like the tried and true layered defense strategy is no longer a guarantee that your networks are protected due evolving cyber threat landscape. The alarming fact is that since the US National Security Agency lost their clandestine hacking tools to the hacking group the shadow brokers a couple of years ago that it has created new threats that open businesses up to attack and infiltration without their knowledge. Threat hunting is not as well known in Canada as it is in the US and Europe but is slowly gathering steam to help Canadian businesses mitigate threats on their networks.

Message: Threat hunt on your network before a more serious problem occurs.

Finally, the last speaker was Danny Pehar of Cyber Insurance Education who spoke about the value of cyber security insurance and how to use it to transfer your liability. Cyber security insurance unfortunately isn’t widely known to many businesses. In the short amount of time allocated to the seminar, Danny not only helped to educated people on what cyber insurance covers and what it doesn’t along with the fact that cyber security insurance can potentially save your business from the worst case cyber security scenario.

Message: Cyber security insurance is important to your business and if you need help turn to your insurance broker or speak with Danny.

Axiom also provided a dark web credential scan for free for all of the organizations that came to the event. This free service will hopefully help the companies that came a leg up by knowing if they are currently exposed to cyber threats.

All in all, the event went well and we thank all who came and participated. A special thanks goes to the Toronto Police for working with us to educate the public and for hosting the event at the Toronto Police College facility.

We look forward to our next event in June 2018 and we hope to see you there.