What is InfoSecTO?

Information Security Toronto is a yearly seminar series to help businesses become more aware about how to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber security incidents. The cyber threat landscape has changed and is no longer just a potential threat, but a real problem! Organizations throughout Toronto and the rest of the world are faced with more sophisticated adversaries that threaten our privacy, our cities, our economy and our Nation.

 Threats come from everywhere. The age old saying of “I’m too small to be hacked.” is a dangerous belief that could lead to serious problems if your business is not prepared.  Most attacks are no longer just driven by mischievous individuals but by different types of people that have very different objectives. These attackers can either cast a wide net for fun or profit or directly target you or your organization as their victim.

Our mandate, with the help of Toronto Police Services is to educate organizations and individuals alike on cyber security and technologies to help address the ever-changing threat landscape that affects us all. Information Security Toronto will be hosting 4 seminars yearly to educate and help change the conversation about security and technology,  while spreading the word that "help is just around the corner" when faced with cyber security and technology challenges.

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Executive Seminar Series: 
"InfoSecTO & Toronto Police Service Presents: State of the Union. Integrating Private & Public sectors towards cyber breach awareness." 

Meet Our SPEakers

Meet the speakers for Information Security Toronto's executive series seminar, "State of the Union. Integrating Private & Public sectors towards cyber breach awareness"

Tyson mark

(ISC)2 Toronto Chapter
TOPIC: Industry gaps on professionals

Alpha Chan

Detective, Intelligence Division, Cybercrime Unit
Toronto Police Service
TOPIC: TPS updates and anonymous reporting

Greg MarkeLl

President and CEO
Ridge Canada
TOPIC: Ransomware timeline from insurance policy point of view

Kendrick Bagnall

Detective Constable, Intelligence Division
Cybercrime Unit
Toronto Police Service
TOPIC: Computer cybercrime and investigation